Spa & Hospitality Staffing

Wincore Staffing is a diverse and privately held Women-Owned Small Business (WOSB) with more than 50 years of combined experience training owners and members of Fortune 500 companies. We provide customized staffing, recruiting and training services, matching the right people to the right job at the right time. Our subject matter experts have a unique workforce solution for your need. We are passionate about our mission to provide organizations with the most outstanding staff. 

Reduce hiring risks by testing a contract employee on the job before extending an employment offer. Our business model will tailor each specific situation and is a proven cost effective hiring alternative by eliminating standard fees.

Find the right candidates for the right position at the right time faster and more accurately. Hiring the best candidate is your most important task.

Unexpected demand is one of the biggest frustrations faced by employers. We provide the perfect contingency plan for short-term workforce gaps. Wincore Staffing has a robust pool of qualified candidates ready to start now.

We invest in learning your company’s needs and expectations to find permanent staffing solutions and an efficient workforce.

We have more than 20 years of training experience. We provide customized training for your team members in any category you may need.

Why work with us?

  • Competitive PricingNot only do we keep our rates low, but employees come to you trained and ready to schedule, saving you time and money, driving more revenue to your bottom line.

  • Specialized Knowledge & Experience. Our history in the industry means we understand your business better than any other staffing provider.

  • Leading Industry Training. Your staff arrives fully licensed, Forbes “Best Practices” leading luxury hotel and hospitality trained. We absorb this time and cost to save you money while providing your customers with an exceptional experience.

  • Benefits & Signing Bonus. We take care of our employees so that they will be ready to take care of your clients.

Hire spa and hospitality staff with our help.

“I have been working with Wincore Staffing for the past year. I find the firm professional, diligent and productive. They have a strong understanding of the market as well as the time urgency needed in recruiting successfully. Their ability to train our team on leading hotels standards and luxury hotel standards makes our job much easier. Their company delivers to our guests the expected service standards.  I have enjoyed working with Wincore Staffing and believe we have built a stellar business relationship that will go in future years. I highly recommend Wincore Staffing for their network and understanding of my needs and core business.”

Tammy Pahel • VP of Spa & Wellness Operations • Carillon Miami Wellness Resort

We’re in the business of taking care of others and our business takes care of you.